Lookalike Modeling

Expand your reach beyond your current customer base

Is your segment reaching only a small portion of your audience? Broaden the reach of your segments by using advanced lookalike models. You are in control of the relevance and similarity.

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Build and scale high-performing audiences

Scale your high-performing audiences to deliver higher CPMs and ROIs for advertisers, creating a win-win situation for all.

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Fully controlled segment similarity and relevance

With advanced lookalike models, you have complete control over the relevance and similarity of your segments. This means that you can create highly targeted segments that are tailored to your specific audience, improving the chances of reaching more of your target audience.

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Unlock the power of lookalike modeling

Bisko's proprietary predictive modeling solution utilizes sophisticated machine-learning algorithms to create powerful lookalike and act-alike audiences using first-party data sets. With Bisko, you can extend your most valuable, sought-after, and niche audiences to maximize the performance and efficiency of your digital ad campaigns.


Boost your campaigns with lookalike models

Reach new audiences and increase conversions with lookalike models. By analyzing the attributes of your existing customers, Bisko identifies individuals who share similar characteristics and are more likely to be interested in your products or services. Enhance the precision of your targeting and scale your advertising campaigns to reach potential customers or users that you may not have reached otherwise. With our powerful lookalike modeling capabilities, you can optimize your advertising efforts and achieve better results.

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Discover Use Cases

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Improved ROI

Maximize profits by expanding the reach of your marketing efforts beyond your current customer base.

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Acquire Subscribers

Acquire new customers more effectively by utilizing lookalike modeling to identify new leads that are more likely to convert into paying subscribers.

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Enhance Advertising Efficiency

Increase click-through and conversion rates by targeting users who are similar to existing high-value customers.

Feature Applications

Transform Your Business Today

Discover the many ways our solution can supercharge your results.


Eliminate isolated data sets between different areas of your interaction with customers.


Efficiently gather data from multiple sources by utilizing comprehensive data ingestion, resulting in time and cost savings.


Uncover new aspects of current customers to enhance personalization efforts.


Gain deeper understanding of the ideal audience through analyzing overlaps and insights before, during, and after advertising campaigns.

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