Maximize Revenue Potential with Intelligent Data Management

Bisko collects, organizes, and analyzes data from multiple sources and creates customer profiles to inform marketing campaigns, personalize user experiences and improve overall business operations.

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More targeted impressions*


Higher CTR*

*independent comparison to market leading DMPs
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The Bisko Benefits

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Valuable Data Collection

Efficiently gather data from multiple sources by utilizing comprehensive data ingestion, resulting in time and cost savings.

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Scaled Marketing Output

Scale your marketing output by utilizing lookalike models to identify potential customers or users that you may not reach otherwise.

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Amplified Sales

Identify and validate your unique and differentiated target audiences that will set your advertising strategy apart.

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Collaborative Data Sharing

Bisko enables and encourages you to share your data with other organizations within the Bisko network, so all parties involved have a greater pool of data to work with.

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Informed Decision Making

Improve product development and user experience by deriving insights into user behavior, preferences, and needs via access to raw data.

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Real-Time Resource Optimization

Optimize resources more effectively by enabling real-time adjustments to your operational activities.

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ROI Boost

Maximize profits by quickly integrating with leading SSPs, DSPs, adservers.


Unify data. Predict movements. Engage in journeys. All in one platform.

Your data, your rules.

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Bisko Tarantula

Reach your target audience with precision, with keyword and topic-based targeting.

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Bisko Visualizer

See your data come to life - Visualize your collected insights like never before.

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Bisko Profiler

Connect, Unite, Grow - Extend your customer view

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Client’s Feedback
"Using Bisko we were able to target 2-3 times more impressions and users with up to a 30% increase in CTR. Bisko has become an integral part of our audience strategy as well as part of our business intelligence."
More targeted impressions
Higher CTR
Czech News Center, Petr Jeníček
DMP Strategist
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