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A large-scale AI powered data management platform that enables publishers to efficiently monetize collected data from multiple touch-points






What we offer


Cookies are a thing of the past and we are ready for the cookieless future. We are making use of advanced AI methods to identify and connect users across multiple websites and devices.

Data Collection

When it comes to organizing your data, whether you want to make use of a predefined taxonomy or the possibility to decide on the spot, that is totally up to you. We provide both.

Additionally you can easily import and connect extra data sources. CRM, Adserver data, you name it, we have it.

Enrich your data

Bisko expands your raw data by deriving information from the data collected.

In line with our beliefs, that with friends one can go further, Bisko enables and encourages you to share your data with other organizations within Bisko, so all parties involved have a greater pool of data to work with.

All this is done in a private and secure way without relying on data marketplaces.

Activate your data in any way

Having all the data in one place is one thing, utilizing its full potential is another. Bisko offers seamless integrations with different SSPs and marketing tools, so you can push you audience to them.

Additionally, Bisko offers access to raw data, so you can use them for your own reporting or further processing.

Lookalike Modeling

Is your segment reaching only a small portion of your audience?

Broaden the reach of your segments by using advanced lookalike models. You are in control of the relevance and similarity.

Realtime analytics

Knowing how users are behaving on your site, in real time, and being able to immediately react to that data.

Success stories


More targeted impressions


Higher CTR
"Using Bisko we were able to target 2-3 times more impressions and users with nearly 30% increase in CTR.
Bisko has become an integral part of our audience strategy as well as part of our business intelligence"
- Czech News Center

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