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Visualize your insights like never before

See your data come to life and gain a new perspective on your insights with our powerful data visualization tools.

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Sites using Bisko

Effortlessly visualize all the data you collect.

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Visually represent your data

Easily understand, analyze, and make informed decisions based on the insights Visualizer provides.

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Interactive charts, graphs, and dashboards

Explore your data in real-time and uncover hidden patterns and trends that would be difficult to detect otherwise.

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Data-driven decision making

Drive informed decisions that can improve customer engagement and drive growth.


Make decisions faster than ever

Visualizer presents collected data in an easily digestible visual format, making it easier to understand, analyze and make decisions.

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Simple drag-and-drop

Drag and drop widgets with fully custom property panels and a snap-to-grid canvas allow you to fully customize and visualize your data to meet your unique business needs. With Bisko's intuitive interface, even non-technical users can easily create and customize analytics dashboards that provide meaningful insights into your data.

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Customize the design to meet your needs

Visualize your data in minutes with a robust library of templates to choose from or create your own templates from scratch using our drag-and-drop interface. With Visualizer, you can be up and running in minutes, gaining valuable insights into your data and making data-driven decisions with confidence.

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Unify data. Predict movements. Engage in journeys. All in one platform.

Your data, your rules.

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Bisko Tarantula

Reach your target audience with precision, with keyword and topic-based targeting.

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Bisko Visualizer

See your data come to life - Visualize your collected insights like never before.

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Bisko Profiler

Connect, Unite, Grow - Extend your customer view

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Bisko is well documented and very easy to use

Improve user experience, conversion, and ease of access, while maintaining the privacy and security of the user.

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Client’s Feedback
Using Bisko we were able to target 2-3 times more impressions and users with up to a 30% increase in CTR. Bisko has become an integral part of our audience strategy as well as part of our business intelligence.
More targeted impressions
Higher CTR
bisko client
Czech News Center
Petr Jeníček
DMP Strategist

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