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Reach your target audience with precision

Open up exciting possibilities for retargeting users based on their content consumption behavior.

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Unleash Your Potential

Designed so that you’ll never hit a roadblock.

precision targeting

Target users with precision and accuracy.

Using keywords, topics, and other relevant factors, the platform matches ads to the most appropriate sites and users, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement.

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Optimize your strategy for maximum exposure and engagement.

By tracking what users are reading or watching you can adjust content and deliver personalized experiences that are relevant and engaging.

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Cater to your audience with personalized experiences

By using keywords, topics, and relevant factors, the platform ensures that ads are matched with the right users, on the right pages, resulting in higher engagement and maximum exposure.

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Retargeting capabilities

Unlock the potential of retargeting campaigns and convert lost visitors into loyal customers.

The platform allows for retargeting users based on their content consumption behavior, making it easier to deliver personalized experiences that are relevant and engaging.

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Drive growth and boost conversions with more efficient audience targeting.

By targeting the audience with greater efficiency, conversion rates are increased and growth is driven, providing an exciting opportunity for you to reach your goals.

Future-proof your marketing strategy

Utilize a tried-and-trusted marketing method to hook people at the top of the sales funnel. Deliver ads that are most relevant to your website’s content and future-proof your marketing strategy for when third party cookies eventually go fully away.

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Discover the power of contextual targeting

Remove the guesswork with suggested keywords for your topics. Don't settle for mediocre results - see the difference for yourself and transform your ad campaigns with contextual targeting.

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The art of precision advertising

Want to take your advertising to the next level? By analyzing user behavior and matching your ads to relevant content, contextual targeting delivers a level of precision that traditional targeting methods can't match. Say goodbye to wasted ad spend and hello to higher engagement and conversions.


Unify data. Predict movements. Engage in journeys. All in one platform.

Your data, your rules.

four blue squares in two rows and columns where the first square in column one and row 1 has a darker blue color

Bisko Tarantula

Reach your target audience with precision, with keyword and topic-based targeting.

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Bisko Visualizer

See your data come to life - Visualize your collected insights like never before.

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Bisko Profiler

Connect, Unite, Grow - Extend your customer view

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Discover Our Comprehensive Documentation

Explore our knowledge hub, complete with product guides, best practices and learn how to maximize your earnings potential with Bisko.

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Client's Feedback
Bisko enabled us to increase revenue by attracting new Vendor partners and targeting a more relevant audience for their products. By using Bisko's saleslift metrics, we generated over 2 million EUR in new revenue annually.
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Pavel Jancovic
Product Manager

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