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Release Notes

Release Notes in Bisko are going to be releases that will be published/distributed alongside each launch of a Bisko update. Each release will describe briefly new features, improvements and/or bug fixes included in a specific launch.

Release 1.8

22 February 2023

New Features

  • Contextual Targeting Keyword Matching Types

    Bisko's contextual targeting feature now supports three different keyword matching types:

    • Exact

      With Exact matching, your ads will only be shown on pages that contain the exact keyword or phrase you have specified.

    • Phrase

      With Phrase matching, your ads will be shown on pages that contain the exact phrase, as well as any additional words before or after it.

    • Broad.

      With Broad matching, your ads will be shown on pages that contain any variation of your specified keyword, including synonyms and related terms.

      This gives you greater control and flexibility over where your ads are displayed, allowing you to more effectively reach your target audience.

  • Contextual Targeting Analytics

    Bisko now offers analytics in our contextual targeting tool. When you create a new topic, you will be able to see the total number of unique pages included, total number of users targeted with the topic, and the number of events that the targeted pages include for the topic. This allows you to make informed decisions about your contextual targeting strategy.

  • Contextual Targeting Exclude

    The contextual targeting tool now includes an exclude feature. With this feature, you can specify keywords or phrases that you want to exclude from your topics. This ensures that your ads are not displayed on pages that are not relevant to your business or that could potentially harm your brand's reputation. This feature allows you to tailor your contextual targeting strategy to your specific business needs, and helps you to reach your target audience more effectively.